Kate Spade Sequin Collar Crepe Dress

Kate Spade Sequin Collar Crepe Dress


This dress is the Kate Spade Sequin Collar Crepe Dress. This dress is one of my favorites because it provides a unique perspective on a traditional preppy dress. A standard preppy dress is a black dress with a white collar. Kate Spade was able to do a twist on that standard dress by adding sequins to the collar. I love the sequins on the collar because they make the dress stand out. The sequins on the dress are in the shape of a flower, which I think is so cute! The sequins are subtle and white, which is great because it still allows the dress to still be classy. Sometimes sequins can cheapen clothing by making the clothing look tacky. But in this dress the sequins are simple and made of good material, therefore the dress is still professional and stylish.


I also really love the outline of this dress! I think the long sleeves on the dress are perfect because it balances out the overall shape of the dress. The dress is an A-line, but it is a little longer than standard A-line dresses. The length of the dress goes perfect with the long sleeves and the A-lime cut. Another feature on this dress that I really love is the gold zipper on the back. The gold zipper is a slight statement piece on the dress because it is a large zipper and it is bright gold. This really makes it stand out against the black because there is not many other details on the dress. Overall the dress has a traditional, yet modern vibe to it. It plays into the traditional era with the collar and the outline of the dress, but it is modern with the sequin collar and bright gold zipper. I really love how the dress brings two different style eras together and creates a twist on both!


I decided to keep the accessories, makeup and hair very simple in this look. The dress itself is simple, yet classy so I felt like everything else should match that theme. I am wearing my gold Tory Burch stud earrings. These earrings are perfect with this dress because they compliment the collar really nicely and they fit the overall style of the outfit. I paired the earrings with my Burberry  watch. The Burberry watch is a great addition to this outfit because the Burberry print has colors in it that compliment the dress. The gold outline of the watch matches with the gold earrings. The watch is also great because it provides more class to the already classy look. I also wore black tights in with this dress because I wanted to wear my tall black boot with the outfit. The tall black boots are from DSW and they go nicely with this outfit because they are sophisticated and fun. I love the shine on the boots because it goes nicely with the shine from the sequin collar.

All in all this look is one of my favorites for the winter. It goes great with the season because it compliments all the holiday decorations so nicely. I wore this outfit for an evening at The Historic Hotel Bethlehem and it was a perfect outfit for it! If you’re looking for an upscale yet fun outfit Kate Spade definitely has so many options that I recommend!



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