Jack Wills Baccaller Padded Jacket

Jack Wills Baccaller Padded Jacket


An essential component of my winter attire is my Jack Wills jacket. This jacket is the Baccaller Padded Jacket. I have had this winter jacket for years and every year it is my favorite jacket by far. There are so many components of this jacket that I love! I got this jacket in the navy blue color, which I really like because it is different from the basic black jackets I usually have. However the navy blue color is still neutral and complimentary to my outfits. Therefore it is a great addition to all my outfits in the winter! The inside of the jacket and the hood is lined with red plaid. I love this red plaid because it is a pop color to the standard navy blue color of the jacket. The red plaid is bold enough to be an accent in the jacket, but it also matches the jacket great. Red plaid is a typical pattern for the winter because it is festive and looks great in the season, which makes it the perfect lining for this jacket!


I also really love the hood on this jacket. As mentioned previously the hood is lined with red plaid. This lining is a fleece/ cotton type of material. This is a great material to use in the jacket because it warm and comfortable to wear on the head. The hood it outlined with fur, which I really love. The fur on the hood adds so much character to the jacket. The fur is also great because it helps stay extra warm! It is an important that your winter jacket is stylish, but also really warm. This jacket does a great job of being fashionable and keeping warm. The hood definitely helps keep warm. I love wearing the hood, especially when it’s windy outside because the hood is really big so it shields the wind out of my face.  The hood is also big enough to wear layers with, which is great because I get to stay extra warm!! images

The jacket is also great because it is made out of waterproof material so it lasts in rain, snow and all other winter weather conditions. The material the jacket is made out of is thick, which is great because once again extra warm. When I’m looking at winter jackets the most important thing to me is warmth, so this jacket really is perfect. Another important thing about this jacket is the length. I love that the jacket is a little long, but not too long. It goes down right below the hips. This is a comfortable length and still allows it to be a simple jacket. Sometimes winter jackets can be so overwhelming and huge; they can get annoying to deal with. But this jacket is simple because it is easy to wear and although it’s really warm it is not super heavy. I love that the jacket isn’t overwhelming because it never gets annoying or difficult to deal with. All in all, I really love this jacket and I think it is a great addition to my winter wardrobe! Jacket Wills has so many great jackets, in so many great styles and colors!





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