Red Velvet Dress

Red Velvet Dress


This dress is the perfect dress for the holiday season! It is a red velvet dress from Nordstrom Rack. I think this dress is really cool because the velvet texture makes it unique from other dresses I have. The velvet material is also really great for the holiday season because velvet is a material best used in the winter. Another aspect of this dress that I love is the off the shoulders sleeves. Off the shoulders sleeves on dresses has been my newest obsession. I think it adds so much character to a dress or shirt and it makes the outfit even more fun. The off the shoulders sleeves on this dress are three quarter length, which I love because it adds more dimension to the dress. I also think the bodycon style of the dress looks great with the velvet material and the off the shoulders sleeves.


In this outfit I wore a black choker, that was also purchased from Nordstrom Rack. This is definitely my most favorite choker because it is different and brings so much to any outfit. I love how this choker looks with this dress because the choker is made out of a velour material. The velour looks great with the velvet dress because they both have similar characteristics. The choker is a thick width, which I really like especially in this outfit because it is more complimentary to the off the shoulders dress. Thick chokers are cool and are more of a bold statement. This choker is a bold statement piece because of the width and the gems on it. The front of the choker is aligned with silver gems. I love these gems because they make the choker classier and give it more personality. I paired this choker with silver gem stud earrings. These earrings match the choker perfectly because they both have the same silver gems. The two pieces look great together because they are so complimentary to each other and both have the same silver shine in them.


I wore my tall black boots with this outfit. These black boots are purchased from DSW. These black boots are an essential component of my outfits, I wear them very regularly. They are a great addition to my collection because they are comfortable and match with almost every outfit. I love these boots with this outfit because the shine in the black boots makes the boots dressy enough to go with the outfit. I would also wear this dress with chunky black heels, if the occasion was more formal. To finish off this look I wore red lipstick. I mixed two red lipstick colors to get a darker red that would compliment the dress better. Red lips are fun, but they can be challenging to wear especially when wearing red clothing. This look is fun and just something different that looks great for the holiday season. It is aways so much fun to try out dresses and outfits in different materials and styles! I will definitely be wearing more velvet clothing because I love this outfit so much!


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