Puppy Birthday Party

Puppy Birthday Party


Anyone who has a dog knows that they become more than a pet, they become a part of the family. This is definitely true for my dog Isabella! Isabella is a cockapoo and just turned eleven years old. I decided to throw her a little puppy birthday party to celebrate her eleventh birthday. I made her a tray of her favorite treats to represent the birthday cake, which I think was her favorite part of the celebration!! There are many recipes for cakes that are edible for dogs, but I didn’t want her to get sick so I just stuck to the foods she already eats.


I decorated her chair with a dog plush to make it stand out! She loved the dog plush and it was a good cushion to give her support on the chair.


I also wrapped a bunch of dog toys in wrapping paper! Isabella loves unwrapping presents so she was very excited when she got them.


I decorated the kitchen in pink and blue streamers to make it more festive for her birthday! The pink streamers were especially cute with the pink roses on them. I hung a bunch of streamers from the lights, which made the overall room look more decorative and themed.


I also put out some sweet treats for the people that came to the birthday party! These are pumpkin rolls with pumpkin spice icing buns from Trader Joe’s. They were super delicious and a huge favorite by everyone at the party!


If you want to do something fun to make your dog feel extra loved, I definitely recommend throwing them a little birthday party. It may seem pointless to throw a party for a dog, but they really do appreciate it. It’s important to make your pup feel special and super loved! 🙂


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